The idea of protecting wood with nature's own ingredients is almost as old as wood itself. More than a thousand years ago, the ancient peoples of Norway took resin and gums from the heartwood of trees, warmed it and applied it to their Stave Churches with a broom. Those buildings are still standing. Sansin Enviro Stains are created using the same principle.
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Encore™ is a complete countertop refinishing system. Use Encore to transform old, outdated laminate, tile and other hard surface countertops in just three days.
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friendly wall

Solid hardwood FriendlyWall panels are ideal to impart a contemporary, warm look to a room. Forget about the painstaking and time-consuming installation of the past. Use Friendlywall panels and obtain a perfect and original result quickly and efficiently. This innovative and eco-responsible product can be installed within hours and will add value to your room.
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